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First Aid and Medical Issues

At Prior's Mill CE Primary School we are committed to providing emergency first aid cover to deal with accidents, which occur to employees, children and all categories of visitors.

To achieve this at Prior's Mill  we will:

  • Ensure that each designated area has a minimum of one suitably stocked first aid box.
  • Ensure we communicate with parents/carers the procedures we have in place for first aid and medical as well as provide information to employees, children, parents and carers on the arrangement for first aid.
  • Ensure we have robust and clear procedures for managing accidents.
  • Ensure that a regular review the arrangements for first aid takes place.
  • Ensure that we comply with the health and safety regulations on the number of stipulated first aiders in school.
  • Ensure we have robust procedures for obtaining medical information from parents about children and having photographic information displayed on urgent medical cases at first aid points.
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