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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

School SEND Information

At Prior's Mill CE Primary School our Inclusion Team work tirelessly to ensure that all pupils are included. Our Mission and Vision is clear and that through strategic and innovative leadership the Inclusion Team provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is tailored to meet the needs and to support vulnerable pupils including those with learning difficulties that enables all to flourish.


Valuing All God’s Children (VAGC)

As a Church of England primary school, we understand the importance of looking after all of the children in our care, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is truly a gift from God that we get to educate so many wonderful children and we ensure that we follow our vision to create a secure and nurturing Christian environment which offers an inclusive education for all.This includes affording pupils a sense of their own dignity and that all children, and adults, are welcome in school and are loved by God.

Our Inclusion Team all follow the Churches guidelines set within VAGC and we are proud to be a church school where all children are made in God’s image and valued equally.

Intervention Support

At Prior's Mill  we are clear in our vision that pupils should be supported in class, and our access the curriculum. However, we also recognise that for a small minority of pupils different interventions and approaches may need to be used to address specific areas. As an Inclusion Team we would look carefully at each child’s individual needs when deciding how best to support the child and which of the interventions to use.

All interventions and approaches included have been shown to have a positive impact on pupils’ learning.  Below is a list of interventions we offer to support our children who require specific support.  This is subject to change and is adapted regularly depending on the area of need at the time.

Every child at Prior's Mill receives inclusive quality first teaching, which may include differentiated or individualised classwork and in class support. We may also offer specific targeted support for children with additional needs in order to accelerate their progress to help them work at age-related expectations. Some children will receive highly personalised interventions to enable them to achieve their potential, possibly with the support of outside agencies.

Cognition and Learning

We offer a range of support and intervention programmes to help support children’s development across the curriculum and particularly in Maths and English. These include in class support and also programmes to develop skills and understanding in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and maths.

Literacy Support Programmes

Children with literacy difficulties will be offered small group or individual intervention programme that may focus on phonics, spelling, handwriting writing and/ or reading. These programmes include: Direct Phonics, Catch Up Reading, Lexia,  Reading for Understanding,Teodorescu Perceptuo-Motor Programme,  A Hand for Spelling, Toe by Toe Phonics and Phonics Groups. We are also extremely well supported by Reading Volunteers.

Maths Support Programmes

Children with difficulties with Maths are given small group or individual support, usually from our  TAs. Children work towards specific maths targets and we often use Numicon to support their learning, as well as other tailored resources and maths games.

We have excellent support from our Educational Psychology Service, who help assess children and provide recommendations for their on-going support.

Communication and Interaction

Speech and Language

We are particularly well support by the Speech and Language Therapy Service. Children with speech, language or communication needs will have individual programmes of support, devised, overseen and assessed by our Speech and Language therapist, and delivered by a member of the Inclusion Team or TA.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The Early Years Centre and the ASD Advisory Service  also provide excellent support for children with ASD/ Social and Communication Difficulties.

In addition, we offer Attention and Listening Skills programmes, as well as Social Sories and Socially Speaking which develops listening and turn taking skills, as well as supporting self esteem and confidence.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

We want every child at Prior's Mill  to feel happy, healthy and safe. We offer various social and emotional support programmes to support children who may be experiencing difficulties at home or with school life. These include: Nurture groups, Friendship groups, Social Skills programmes, Self Esteem programmes, Bereavement support and Behaviour, Anger or Anxiety Management, and sessions are usually delivered by our Specialist TA.

We also work closely with services such as the Early Years Centre, Pupil Referral Unit and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) to ensure children have effective support and barriers to learning are removed or reduced.

Sensory and/ or Physical Needs

Prior's Mill school is well supported by the Tees Valley  Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment Services. Some children are on special programmes of support, devised, monitored and assessed by these services, and these programmes are usually carried out by the child’s TA or class TA.

We are also supported by the Occupational Therapy Service and Future Steps Service, which can help children with fine motor skills, gross motor skills and sensory processing difficulties.

School Local Offer

Prior's Mill CE School – School SEND  Local Offer

In line with the statutory requirements for schools to provide a ‘Local Offer’ for pupils with special educational needs and disability provision, we at Prior's Mill have also drafted a ‘School Offer’ below which gives an overview for pupils who have specific special educational and disability needs at our school.  This statement is reviewed annually to ensure that we are compliant.

Additional Information

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