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School Results

At Prior’s Mill we are extremely proud of our school's high academic achievements, particularly over the last six years.

We firmly hold the belief that we DO NOT teach to the tests, rather we teach the National Curriculum to a very high standard and we nurture pupils throughout their primary years. The results indicated in the link illustrate how well our children have worked and what they have achieved. We are very proud of all of the children's progress and that we cater for the more able as well as those children who may find learning more challenging. 

DFE Performance Tables can be viewed by clicking on the following:

Performance Tables - DfE website link


The results reflect the positive progress pupils have made at all levels of expectations and is a reflection of the aspirations both staff and pupils have in supporting their learning.

SATS 2016

As you may be aware, there was a new format to the SATs this year and children are now given an ‘outcome’ of working at or below the expected standard.  Children were given a ‘raw score’ for each test that was then converted to a ‘scaled score’. If a child has achieved a scaled score of 100-120, they are deemed to be working ‘At the Expected Standard’ (AS). ‘Below Age Expectation’ (NS) is a score of 80-99.

You may have read about the tests being considerably more complex than in previous years in line with the raised curriculum expectations. Across the country, results have appeared lower than in previous years, for example the % of children achieving the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined was 53%. This was expected and means that we are so proud of our very high % in comparison to the national averages.

We are very proud of our results and the progress of individual pupils from their different starting points. We also have much to celebrate when we compare our results to the local and national figures, particularly in light of the changes to the curriculum and tests in 2016.


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