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The Impact of Sports & PE at Prior's Mill


How does sport promote healthy living?

The children at Prior's Mill  understand that PE, sport and dance are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. They know how PE, sport and dance contribute to a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle and how different activities affect their fitness, health and feelings about themselves. They can explain how the school helps them to achieve this.

Impact of our PE, sports and dance action plan

Through high quality teaching and coaching and participation of competitive sports within and outside of school, the children of Prior's Mill have demonstrated that they are committed to PE and sport, making them a central part of their lives.  They know and understand what they are trying to achieve and how to go about doing it.  They have the confidence to get involved in PE and sport and can talk positively about their achievements. 

The development of a range of skills through a variety of games activities means that the children can apply and adapt a wide range of skills and techniques effectively.  By giving the children the chance to receive regular, high quality games provision, increasing the playtime equipment and resources, inviting special guests to talk to the children, offering a huge amount of lunchtime and after school clubs and increasing the amount of competitive sports, the interest and enthusiasm of the children has increased.

Quality of Lessons

We are proud to offer high quality PE and Games lessons at Prior's Mill.  Excellent teaching and use of resources and equipment have achieved this.  Specialist sports coaches  work with each class and offer all children the chance to develop the skills and control they need to take part in PE and sport.  They develop good body control, poise and balance, stamina, suppleness and strength through different sporting activities. 


In addition to these sessions, external coaches also lead various other sports and dance activities as well as after school clubs. The lessons are engaging and fun and there has been a clear impact on the children.  The children now thoroughly enjoy PE and dance, school and community sport and are keen to take part and talk about what they are doing with enthusiasm.  They concentrate well and maintain their energy and activity lessons, showing a desire to improve and achieve.  The children willingly take part in a range of competitive and creative activities and are happy to work and perform on their own, as well as in groups and teams.  


School Sports Survey 2018

As a self reviewing and evaluating school we are keen to gain an overview of what the children at school feel about the sport provision at Prior's Mill. A class survey was carried out in June 2017 to ascertain through pupil voice what impact the sports provision has had on the children:

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