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School Office

Mrs Twomey and Miss Green deal with all of the administration needs.  They will be pleased to assist you with any queries which are not covered in our website.

This page addresses the following issues :

  • Complaints and Compliments
  • Holiday Absence
  • Sickness
  • Absence
  • First Aid/Administration of Prescribed Medication
  • Swimming Lessons

For School Meals information, please see our dedicated School Meals page

Complaints and Compliments

As in any organisation, from time to time something may go wrong despite our best efforts.  The Local Authority has a procedure for dealing with complaints about the school curriculum, the charging and remissions policy, religious education and collective worship.

In the first instance it is hoped that you would contact the class teacher or the Headteacher at the school.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you are welcome to contact the Chair of Governors.  If this also proves unsatisfactory, then you should contact Stockton Borough Council.

School can provide contact numbers and addresses as appropriate. Our complaints procedure can be downloaded from our Policies page

Of course, we are also always delighted to receive compliments and praise!

Holiday Absence

Holidays taken during term time will only be authorised in extenuating circumstances, following a written application to the Head Teacher (available from the school office or this website).  Absenteeism for holidays (unless authorised) will become part of unauthorised absence.  A Fixed Penalty Notice (from the Local Authority) may be issued if there are 10 sessions of unauthorised absence within a six week period.  Holidays will not be approved during the months of MAY and SEPTEMBER under any circumstances.

Sickness Absence

When a child is absent due to sickness or other reason, parents/carers are required to inform the school of the reason on the first day of absence (via a telephone call or email to the school office).  When a child returns to school they should bring with them a note confirming the reasons for the absence. This will be kept as a written record.

If no contact is made with school on the first morning of absence, a text message will be sent asking parents/carers to ring school and confirm the reason for absence.  This is an essential, safeguarding measure to ensure the wellbeing of all children registered at this school.  If the school does not receive a response to this communication then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. Please ensure a note confirming the reasons for absence is sent into school when the child returns and the register will be amended.

First Aid

All staff have been trained in Emergency First Aid.  It is very important that parents/carers note and follow the following points very carefully.

  • Elastoplasts - Unless otherwise notified, staff will assume that it is acceptable to place a plaster upon a graze or cut that children may incur.
  • Asthma/ Inhalers - Parents/carers are requested to notify the class teacher if their child suffers from asthma. All children who require inhalers to control asthma should have them with them on a daily basis. Inhalers should be handed in to the class teacher, where they will be placed in the First Aid Box in each classroom.  Parents/carers are requested to check that inhalers are valid and in working order on a regular basis. Please do not send inhalers to the school office. A completed 'Prescribed Medication Form' must be completed which will be kept with the inhaler in school.
  • Allergies/Epi Pen - Parents of children with severe allergies who may require Epi Pen administration are requested to notify staff as soon as possible. Parents should ensure that Epi Pens are in school and are valid, i.e. within date.  A completed 'Prescribed Medication Form' must be completed which will be kept with the epi pen in school.
  • Administration of Medicines - only prescription medicines which are required 4 times per day will be administered in school, as long as the relevant consent form (see below), completed by parents, is submitted. A letter of request is not acceptable.  Medicines and completed consent forms must only be handed into the school office (and not to teachers/teaching assistants on the school yard).  

Staff are not obliged to administer any form of medication and unless the correct protocol is followed, we will be unable to oblige. Throat sweets/ lozenges, Calpol are not allowed as they do not constitute prescribed medication.

Download Request to Administer Prescribed Medication Form

Swimming Lessons

A course of swimming lessons may form part of your child's education.  Details for each class/year group will be sent to parents in letter form as and when appropriate.  These lessons will take place at the Billingham Forum and swim hats must be worn.

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