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Reflecting on Easter Saints - Compassion

Ruby cl 9: As God’s family, we have gathered. Let us all worship Him together.

Lucy cl 12: The Lord be with you. (Also with you). Let us as a family and through the power of Holy Spirit offer each other the sign of peace.

Isla cl 11: This week through our daily Class Worship is the theme we will be exploring is the theme of Easter Saints and Compassion

Ellie cl 12: The British Value we will be exploring will be Individual Liberty: To explain what compassion is and how we might show it. Our Christian value is also Compassion

Evie cl 12: We will respect Article 2 All children have rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what their parents do, what language they speak, what their religion is, whether they are a boy or girl, what their culture is, whether they have a disability, whether they are rich or poor. No child should be treated unfairly on any basis.

Trinity cl 13: In the bible, we read about times when Jesus was obviously very tired from travelling around from place to place with His disciples and often having large crowds follow Him.  Yet, He shows an amazing compassion for the lost, for the sick, and for the entire world that inspires us to pray and seek to have a greater compassion for others. 

Neve cl 9: In the bible Matthew, verse 9 chapter 36 it says When Jesus saw the crowds; He had compassion for them, because they were helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

Amelia/Olivia/Ella cl 12: Dear God, Please help us to show compassion to our friends and family. Help us to be kind and caring to everyone, we see and meet. Our response is: We ask you Lord

Amelia cl 9: Dear God, Please show us how to be compassionate to one another. Our response is: We ask you Lord

Amber/Hannah cl 11: Dear God, Guide us on how we can show compassion for the children in the world who live in poverty. We pray they have enough food to eat. Our response is: We ask you Lord

Olivia cl 12: Dear God, please help everyone to be kind to each other and if we forget, please show us the right path to take. Our response is: We ask you Lord

Engaging prayers –

Grace/Lucy cl 12: At the 6th Station of the cross, Veronica stepped towards Jesus with a wet cloth. She wanted to comfort Jesus in any way she could. She gently wiped his face. The soldiers roughly pushed her back. They continued along their way. Veronica showed great compassion by doing this

Isla/Tamara cl 11: Dear God, Thank you for the times we help our friends. Thank you also to our friends who help us.

Phoebe/Grace cl 12: Thank you for giving us compassion and the special people in the Easter story that showed Jesus compassion. Please help us to be like Simon who showed courage to help Jesus. Show us how we can stand up and show everyone who we are and guide us to be caring, kind and helpful to others. Amen

Noah/Freddie cl 12: When we feel alone, help us all to remember that there are many people at home and at school that we can turn to and most of all to You. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen

Responding prayers – Worship group

Tamara cl 11: Please close your eyes for our reflection and sending prayers. Let us spend a few moments reflecting on our theme of Easter Saints and Compassion

Ava cl 12: Dear Jesus, Sometimes I pretend not to hear when my parents, teachers or friends call me. I leave when I know others could use my help. You gave help to everyone. When you needed help, you accepted it. Help me to give and accept help. Help me to be a friend to the friendless. Help me to help the needy. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen

Sending prayers

Lena/Rhiannon cl 14: Dear God, you shine in our hearts. Let us go in the power of the Spirit, to bring light to others Amen

Francesca cl 15: We go into the world to walk in God’s light, to rejoice in God’s love and to reflect God’s glory. Amen

Samantha cl 16: Let us now go into our daily life at school with confidence, trusting that Christ is walking with us. Amen

Georgina/Honey cl 12: We would now like to change the light of the candle, the candle reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World and you cannot put that light out so see how it changes to smoke so wherever you go into any room of our school today you will be surrounded by the love of Christ. Amen 

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