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Our Prayer Group, led by Mrs Hoyle, meet weekly to discuss the collective worship theme.  

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: This week through our daily Class Worships the theme we will be exploring is the theme of Justice

: Seeing the world through God’s eyes Christians recognise that there is an urgent need to change the world so that justice is done and peace is achieved in the way that God desires.

: This means adopting a simple lifestyle in which the world’s resources are not wasted, buying goods that have been fairly traded, and changing habits that damage the environment. In the richer parts of the world many of them support and give money to organisations that are seeking to improve the conditions of the world’s poorest people, to end conflicts, and to preserve the planet.

: The British Value we will be exploring will be Democracy: To know why it is important to admit when we have done wrong and strive to make amends

: We will respect and consider our rights, Article 42 You have the right to know your rights! Adults should know about these rights and help you learn about them, too.

Noah cl 9: Dear God, Help us to respect our environment. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

Freddie cl 10: Dear God thank you for giving us the opportunity to raise money for our charities. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

Grace O cl 9: Dear Lord, Help everyone to recycle and help the world be a lovely and better place. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

Olivia R cl 15: Dear God, let us promise to help the environment and all the ocean animals. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

James cl 10: Dear God, help us to share and be kind to one another. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

Thomas cl 9: Dear God, Show and guide us how not to waste anything but to recycle. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

Phoebe cl 9: Thank you for Fairtrade and showing us how to make the world a better and fairer place.

Amber cl 9: Dear God, please help us realise that we need to help others less fortunate than us. Let us be grateful for the things we have. Amen

Zoe cl 9: Dear God please help the farmers grow their crops. Help us to have a happy healthy life with lovely food to eat. Amen

Francesca cl 15: Dear God, Thank you for helping and supporting the Fairtrade farmers. Help them to receive the money they deserve.

Ellora cl 14: Dear God Help us to help others and help us to save the animals and protect them, so in their world they can live with justice.

Sam cl 13: Dear Lord Thank you for our Fairtrade system that makes sure farmers receive the correct amount of money. Thank you for our Fairtrade tuck shop. Let us not ever take it for granted. Amen


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