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Worship Web group: ‘God creates Light and God is Light'

Gathering prayers – Worship group

Ava cl 12: As God’s family, we have gathered. Let us all worship Him together.

Noah cl 12: The Lord be with you. (Also with you). Let us as a family and through the power of Holy Spirit offer each other the sign of peace.

Noah cl 12: This week through our daily Class Worships, the theme we will be exploring is the theme of ‘God creates Light and God is Light’.

Freddie cl 12: Jesus (God the Son) taught his followers that he is the light of the world. God the Father gave the command that light should exist as the first stage in creation.

 Myley cl 11: God knows how to “switch on the lights” as he did when he said

“Let there be light”. Therefore, God is both the creator of light and light itself.

 Light is important for human life – practically in our everyday lives and also for

 our health and growth,

Amber cl 11: The British Value we will be exploring will be Individual Liberty: How can we be a light and set an example to others? Our Christian Value link this week is ‘Reverence’.

Olivia cl 15: We will respect and consider our rights, Article 13 You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

Ella cl 12: Dear God, show us the right light to follow.

Grace cl 12: Please shine a lovely light so everyone can live in peace, get along, and have lots of fun with each other.

Ella/Grace: Let the light shine a bright light on us always. Our response is: We ask you Lord.

Samantha cl 16: Please close your eyes for our reflection and sending prayers. Let us spend a few moments reflecting on our theme of God creates Light and God is Light here this week in our school.

Phoebe cl 12: Saint Ignatius Loyola wrote this prayer about light Fill us, we pray, with your light and life that we may show forth your wondrous glory. Grant that your love may so fill our lives that we may count nothing too small to do for you nothing too much to give and nothing too hard to bear. Amen

Tamara cl 11: Dear Lord Thank you for guiding us through both dark and light, night and day.

Emily/Isobel cl 13: Dear God, Thank you for the light you gave the Wise Men and Shepherds who were guided to the King of Kings. Amen

Amber cl 11: Dear God, Thank you for the sun and moon leading us the right way.

Myley cl 11: Dear God, Thank you for showing us how your light guides us and helps us find our way every day. Amen.

Sending prayers

Nieve cl 9: Dear God, God shines in our hearts. Let us go in the power of the Spirit, to bring light to others Amen

Isabel cl 15: Let us now go into our daily life at school with confidence, trusting that Christ is walking with us. Amen

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