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About Our School

A Prayer for Prior’s Mill CE Primary School

May this place be a place of peace,
Where every child is valued,
Where every action is caring,
Where every day brings a new sense
of God's love in our lives.

Well being

Great importance is attached to the development of social and emotional skills. Children are encouraged to be self-disciplined in their behaviour, to build good relationships and to develop a sense of responsibility towards the needs and feelings of others and of their environment.

Our school feels it is of the utmost importance to have good systems in place for protecting children and safeguarding their welfare, throughout all the activities which the school undertakes.

Being happy and healthy

Ensuring a happy and healthy environment is central to our school ethos. We do our utmost to ensure that children feel able to approach staff with any problems or concerns. We do not tolerate bullying and this is never an acceptable behaviour. We promote healthy eating through fruit snacks and encourage everyone to drink water throughout the day. We make the most of our extensive school grounds and whenever we can we use our outdoor environment to learn.

Supporting each other

We encourage a supportive and caring learning environment where everyone can feel safe, happy, and valued as part of the Prior’s Mill School Family. Older children help younger children spontaneously in the playground as well as in more organised class activities.

We expect all members of the school community to play a part in fostering our four key values of creativity, respect, spiritually and belonging. These are central to our school vision of "Minds to learn, Hearts to Care".

We use a 'Peaceful Problem Solving' strategy, with a language of 'choice and consequence' to resolve conflict or upset. This approach uses peer mediation to build, maintain and repair relationships.

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