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Curriculum at Prior's Mill


Prior's Mill is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children and to enable them to develop into well-rounded citizens who are able to transfer skills learnt in English, Maths, RE and ICT across the whole curriculum.

Our school  teaches Maths Mastery; we use whole texts to create a rich, English writing cycle for English as well as encorporating Reciprocal Reading into daily activities; we use the Locally Agreed SACRE schemes of work for RE and we use a rich topic based curriculum linked, where sooible, to the literacy text. Our topic based curriculum makes sure that all the children enjoy and access the whole curriculum in an engaging way that stimulates high quality learning.

In order to strengthen this further the school has introduced a topic-based curriculum based on “Prospectus” which includes more opportunities for pupils to develop basic skills across the whole of the curriculum.

We want our children to learn how to study and work effectively on their own, and also how to contribute as part of a group; to listen in lessons, but also to speak and present. We want them to be as confident in the new technologies of tablet, cloud and programming language as they are with book, paper and pen. They will know how to collaborate without copying, how to debate while still listening and will have learned that enthusiasm and curiosity are the best tools we have. We use our Growth Mindset characters of: Persistance, Innovation, Collaboration and Reflection to support these ideals and instill the right attitude to learning across the whole school.

This section of our website gives an overview of our curriculum but please do contact us if you have any questions at all.

Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Maps and Home Guides









Pre School

Phonics and Reading


Please see our Phonics and Reading page for further information

Specialist Teaching

Every week each full-time teacher spends half a day away from their teaching duties to concentrate on planning and evaluating their pupils' learning. We use specialist teachers and Teaching Assistants to provide cover during this time which allows the children to benefit from RE, PSHEC, Basic Skills and  Music.


We aim to develop within children the language of learning, enabling children to be more involved in their learning by being able to know their strengths and areas for development. We encourage children to identify their own particular learning needs and help them to find ways of meeting them.

Through this we believe children's problem solving skills, independence and self-esteem will be improved.

Assessment opportunities are a natural part of teaching and learning, and constantly take place in the classroom through discussion, listening and analysis of work, along with more formal assessment tests at the end of a unit of work.

Early Years parents/carers click HERE for a useful presentation on EYFS curriculum

Outside School

We enjoy strong links with other local schools in the partnership and often take part in sporting events and Safer Schools Partnership days.

We also enjoy going on residential and day school trips. Recent adventures have included Robinwood Residential Centre for children in Year 6, Durham Cathedral and Beamish Year 4, Kirkleatham Owl Centre Year 3 and Teesmouth Field Centre Years 1 & 2.

Children in Key Stage 2 go swimming one morning a week for a term (on a cycle). Lessons take place at The Billingham Forum and transport is provided by the school.

School and Home

Not only do we welcome your child, but also you and your family, as it is our view that staff cannot fully educate children without the whole-hearted support and co-operation of parents. We consider that the important foundations of your child's education will best be served by home and school working closely together. We encourage this partnership through Parent-Teacher Interviews, workshop meetings, curriculum information, home-school diaries and termly 'Class Worships'. All our children receive an appropriate level of homework. This encompasses a wide range of possibilities to do with everyday life that reinforce what we learn at school.

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